Hello, from Artprime team. We inform that there are scammers who usurp our identity and act on a cloned website, act with fake emails and on linkledin. Be careful because we have nothing to do with this group of people. We are already contacting the competent service to take care of this attempted scam. If you are a victim of this usurpation, you can report yourself and submit your testimony on facebook.

Bj°rn FreeMindbyDax
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Creator of Alternative Reality based on technology and fundamental truth and human rights. The fight against the cruel system taken in the form of Art, NFT. I am not on any political side. Inspiration comes from the ability of a man to solve every problem through an open mind, changing oneself and striving to achieve a goal. Our planet has been feeding and sheltering us for billions of years. The course of technology slowly begins to lose our natural childhood, species are dying out, defenseless are dying out. I believe that if each of us undertakes the struggle of self-change, kills consumerism and opens our hearts to the real needs of people passed on the street, giving a part of ourselves, the world will be better





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